CCNA 200-301

CCNA Collaboration certification course is designed for Network Video Engineers, IP Telephony and IP Network Engineers.

Introduction of networking
Osi reference model
Seven layers of OSI reference model
Tcp/ip & Dod model
Four layers of Dod model
Ethernet cabling
Ip addressing
Subneting basics
Subneting class A,B and C
Variable length subnet mask VLSM , CIDR
Introduction to Cisco routers
Connecting to the Cisco routers
Bringing up a Cisco routers
Setup mode
Router interfaces
Ip routing
Routing basics
Static routing
Dynamic routing
Rip and Igrp
Eigrp and Ospf
Managing Cisco routers
Router boot sequence
Backing and restoring up Cisco router
Cisco discovery protocol (CDP)
Managing traffic with Access-List
Standard Access-List
Extended Access-List
Virtual LANs
WAN connection
Introduction to PPP & HDLC