Networking Basics (N+)

(N+) Advanced Networking

N+ is a fundamental course for candidates willing to make their careers in field of Networking.

Networking fundamentals (LAN, WAN, MAN & CAN)
The OSI models Network Operating system
Recognize the following logical or physical network topologies
Understand the Networking standards
Identify the characteristics of different types of cables
Recognize the different media connectors and describe their uses
Identify the purposes features and function of network components
Specify the general characteristics of the different  wireless technologies Differentiate between the different network protocols
Understand classful ip and their subnet masks
Identify the purpose of subnetting
Identify the differences between private and public network addressing scheme
Differentiate between ip addressing methods
Identify the well-know ports associated with the  commonly used services and protocols
Identify the basic capabilities
different server operating systems
Identify the basic capabilities of client workstation Identify the basic characteristics of the following
WAN technologies
Describe the different security protocols and authentication protocols
Identify the main characteristics and purpose of
extranets and intranets
Identify the purpose, benefit characteristics of using
antivirus software
Determine the impact of modifying adding or removing
network services Troubleshoot a network with a particular physical topology